The Stable

Built in the 1930's, the stable was originally constructed to house race horses owned by Andover's Dr. Lowery M. Guilinger. Even after the automobile became popularized, Dr. Guilinger insisted on continuing to ride a horse to his house calls. 

The Horses

Once the purchase of a car became necessary, Dr. Guilinger transitioned to ownership of harness race horses. Several horses went on to become winners, most notable "Calumet Divine" and "Peter Astra", the latter of which won the Hambletonian in 1939.

The Home

The stable was converted into a residential home in the 1990's. The top 2 floors were completely refurbished with floor-to-ceiling pine boards and many custom woodworking elements. A pond was added to enhance the already scenic view of the field and woods. The original ground floor was left intact, including the original stable flooring, doors and hardware.

The Winery

The property was purchased by the Litwiler Family in 2017 for the sole purpose of building a winery from the ground up. Renovations continued from more than 2 years, and included a new waste water treatment system, commercial kitchen, bar, and wine-making facility.

The Future

With 120+ acres and 2 additional barns totaling 9,000+ sq ft in usable space, we have big plans for the future - including a wedding and event venue, a bed-and-breakfast, and even a possible music festival. If you have thoughts about what we should tackle next, please feel free to reach out to us here.